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  1. Picture of one of their Tipis M/s CANVAS EMPORIUM   This business located in the country of India seems to take pride in quality workmanship, if what they say on their website is true. Their website links are all messed up, so be patient.

    ►We are the authentic traditional Indian canvas Tipi, Tepee makers based in India. A few Of our Tipi details are listed below: We offer Tipi(s) that are versatile, lightweight and user-friendly. You can use our Tipi's for guest accommodation, a garden retreat, a children's camp or a weekend get away. The Tipi is also perfect for camping holidays and festivals. Our Tipis are easy to erect because we use lightweight bamboo poles. 360mobile Shipping Containers We have lots of hands on experience in making Tipis and we ship worldwide. We are also making Tipis for some established brands in USA, UK plus some other European countries for last few years. Our Tipi canvas is made of heavy duty 15 ounce 100% Cotton, rot and water proof to maintain the traditional look and feel as well as to fight with any type of weather and maintain its durability. The specialty of our Tipis is that most of the stitching is done by hand by skilled workers who are specially trained in making Tipis. We don't manufacture Tipis in bulk. Rather, every Tipi made is given personal care to maximize customer satisfaction. We follow the basic Sioux pattern and procedure as mentioned in the famous Laubins book "The Indian Tipi" with some custom modifications which we have developed on our own from our experience and the valuable feedback of our customers. Colored Tipis are also available. Our Tipis can Be easily painted to suit your own taste and creativity. Tipi Liners are also available in 10 OZ natural A grade cotton Duck. We also have Tipis and Tipi Liners in Fire Retardant + Mildew Resistant + Water Repellent cotton canvas as per British standards. We make Tipis ranging from size 9ft to 33ft in diameter. Matching liners, rain catchers and ground sheets are also available.◄
  2. Completed Homemade Tipi THE TIPI   Here is an example of a homemade Tepee actually made from scratch in a living room by the owner. This blog has a link to another website (here) with some more information about this Teepee making project. Nice pictures also.

    ►So— I want to start first by explaining that my husband actually sewed this Tipi, not me. But, I felt I needed to show it off for him and also explain that this Tipi is the whole reason I started sewing! About ten months ago, he showed up with an old sewing machine and tons of canvas drop cloths and told me that he was going to make a real Tipi (said it had been his dream since he was little). I had told him before that I learned to sew when I was really young, so we sat down together and learned how to use the machine. It all came back to me! I decided to try a project myself and haven't put down the fabric since! He spent several months sewing (burned out the old sewing machine—got a new one) and we did lots of research about sewing as well. I was a consultant as well as the help when it came measuring the 30+ feet of canvas. The smoke flaps are working, so there could feasibly be a fire in the middle inside and we think it will sleep about 6-8 people. We haven't taken it camping yet. He just finished the liner also. He split two by fours in half and used a draw knife to make the poles. They are two 10ft pieces connected by a piece of PVC pipe. There are 17 poles in all and the diameter of the Tipi is 16 foot. It was the cause of many a headache since it was being sewn in my living room for ten months, but I am so impressed with the finished product—and so proud of him for actually doing it!◄
  3. Tipi Hire USA NIVED TIPI RENTALS   This is a good idea. Some of you viewing my website might benefit greatly from the service these people provide. They specialize in the rental of Indian style Tipis. This gives a person the chance to try before they buy. You can use this service to find out if living in a Tipi is right for you. Cool idea, i think. They are located in Corvallis, Oregon. I think they can ship the Tipi to your favorite address.

    ►Welcome to Nived Tipi Rentals official homepage. We offer Tipi's for hire at private venues, campsites, and festivals in Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, and Washington. Nived Tipi Rentals is the only Tipi hire company on the West Coast of the United States. ADULT DIAPERS Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own your own Tipi. At Nived you can experience a Tipi for a weekend or a lifetime. Nived can help you design your custom dream Tipi. Also, if you like one of ours, all rental Tipis are considered for sale and can be purchased at the end of the event or rental period. Nived now offers a service designed to familiarize you with the ins and outs of Tipi ownership. For an additional fee Nived will personally deliver your Tipi and poles to your door. Once you have received your Tipi we will spend one full day as your personal Tipi consultants. We will take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns, demonstrate all important skills, and we also will help you set up your Tipi for the first time. This days lesson is sure to offer you all of the knowledge you will need to properly set up, tear down, and generally care for your new Tipi. The cost of Niveds consulting services are equivalent to the cost of renting one 20ft Tipi in your pricing zone + an additional $50 for supplies. To compute your cost for this service please click here for our current pricing map and key. This service is currently only available in areas where we offer rentals. For direct shipping your cover, liners, and other accessories will come to you via UPS. The poles will be shipped to you via a freight broker. If you live in a particularly rural area or down a narrow road special arrangements may be necessary. The cost of direct shipping varies from order to order. For all questions regarding shipping please contact Nived.◄
  4. 4 Adult Tipi AMAZON.COM   Did you know that you can buy Teepees on Well you can.

    ►A great way to share a part of American history, or just hang out with friends! Sleeps 4 adults comfortably or a slumber party of kids! Our 12ft Tepee allows easy entry through double-flap doors. Made of fire-retardant cotton canvas with sturdy wooden poles. This authentic-looking Teepee makes a dramatic play landscape for children. Customize your Tepee with our acrylic paints (sold separately). Inside of Tepee measures 9fth x 10ftd. Weight 33 lbs. (Age 4+).◄

  5. Spirit Tipis SPIRIT TIPIS   This new find is located in Skull Valley, Arizona 86338.

    ►Seamstress and owner Laura L. Briggs began making Tipis in 1973. Always concerned with design and long term durability, Laura's inspired craftsmanship and skill combine to bring you Spirit Tipis. An Arizona native with a strong Southwestern background in Custom Canvas and Cowboy gear, Laura applies the sensibilities of a professional seamstress to the structural aspects of the Indian Tipi. From "Black Elk" to "Dances with Wolves" Tipis have been inspirational since the beginning. We view the Indian Tipi as an alternative form of shelter that is a naturally practical way to live or camp in harmony with the elements. Tipis represent the essence of environmentally friendly living. Tipis create an elegant, portable, home away from home, whether it is used as a summer camp, a guest lodge or a weekend getaway. Tipis are used all over the country/world at: Rendezvous, Guest Ranches, Healing Retreat Centers, and Powwows, just to mention a few. In backyards all across America, Tipis have replaced the Gazebo for family home entertainment. At Spirit Tipis, our aim is to make the highest quality Tipi possible, using the finest materials and meticulous workmanship. Our emphasis is in creating a Tipi that is durable and artistically pleasing. We want your SPIRIT TIPI to be an exhilarating part of your life, for many moons to come. ENJOY. Check out our new page that offers our Instructional DVD. It covers all aspects of Tipi set-up and pole selection.◄
  6. Tent-Tipi HAU KOLA TIPI   Nice website. This business is based in Poland. Good looking product. The owner is very enthusiastic about Tipi living.

    ►My name is Chris Kolb and I have belonged to The Polish Movement of Indians' Friends since 11 years now. The material culture of American Indians has become my passion both in theory and practice. The replicas of Indian outfits, that I make, have been widely acknowledged and appreciated.
    I belong to the Fox Association, which was founded 6 years ago. The aim of this Association is to popularize the culture of Crow tribe. Tipi (Teepee, Tepee) is an aspect of Indian culture, which has very unique and special meaning for me. Truly, it is my second home, where I try to be as often as possible. I have been gathering literature, which tackles this issue. I also try to get some experience talking to the Tipi owners as often as I get a chance. We have been selling Tipis for 12 years. Throughout those years I have gained a lot of experience and general know-how (knowledge) in using Tipi, what makes my tents of really high quality. Purchasing a Tipi guarantees unforgettable memories of great moments spent with your family and friends, an impression on neighbors and happiness in your children's eyes . . . Quit with boredom and monotony! A Tipi is a magic place, where time stops. Even mosquitoes stay away! We use excellent quality, strong French canvas LATIM™ weight 430gr/m2 waterproof and rot proof impregnated and also fireproof M2 french classification with certificate by official laboratory. We use high quality Coats threads and special heavy sewing machines as well. That's why we can offer 2 year guarantee for handcraft and 3 years guarantee for the fabrics.◄
  7. Grimes Tipi Tent GRIMES TIPI LIVING   According to this article this man has been living in his Tipi for many years. UPDATE: (22 Jan 2013) This link has been removed or something has happened and no longer exists. I am leaving this listing up for future reference or storage.

    ►Somebody whose teaser rate mortgage has just had an aneurysm might want to look at the example of David Grimes, who has lived full-time in a Tipi for 35 years. Grimes, 58, lives in a Dakota-style white canvas Tipi, 20-feet in diameter, on one of the ridges along the Mendocino coast. He's not broke; he works almost every day as a finish carpenter and has plenty of jobs. He does pay rent, $200 a month, to the owner of the 40 acres where his Tipi is perched on a hillside. But worries about housing pretty much have passed him by. An underwater mortgage, catastrophic balloon payments, foreclosure and eviction . . . Aren't issues for him. Instead of handing large amounts of money to a landlord or bank in exchange for a place to live, Grimes spends a lot of time pursuing his own interests: surfing, non-lethal bow hunting (he's a vegetarian who uses blunted rubber-tipped arrows), charity work in Mexico, woodworking, and ukulele plunking. His Tipi has most of the comforts. The solar panels and the golf cart batteries juice up the 12-volt lights and stereo. He has the propane hot water heater for the morning hot shower (al fresco). A big wood burning stove. A water tank filled by a convenient spring. And a Blackberry.◄
  8. Panther Primitives PANTHER PRIMITIVES   They have some other items along with their canvas tents & Tipis. I think these people have been in business for quite awhile.

    ►We make Historical Reproduction Tents. We make the best tents in history! We bring the past to life by supplying reproduction tents & supplies for historical re-enactors and collectors. Our dedication to quality and customer service has made Panther the world's largest manufacturer of historical tentage. You can choose from colorful Medieval pavilions, Military tentage from the French & Indian War through the American Civil War, the tents of the Fur Trade, and our famous Native American Tipis. We also offer you a full line of historical camp gear including clothing, cast iron pots, oak kegs, pottery, beds, tin cook ware, glass beads, pack baskets, tomahawks, flags, stoneware jugs and much more! You must be completely, 100% satisfied with your order from us. It's just that simple! When you receive your order, check out the items inside the box. If for any reason they're not everything you expected, send them back to us for exchange or a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked. Our goal is to make sure you're happy with all the items you order from us. That's why we carry only the highest quality products. When you buy a tent from us, we guarantee it to be superior to all others. After you set it up for the first time, if you're not convinced that you've got THE BEST shelter on the market in your Panther Tent, return it to us and we'll refund your purchase price. NO ONE makes a better shelter. No one gives you comparable service after the sale. Our tents are backed by a 3 year materials warranty and a lifetime workmanship warranty.◄
  9. Wolf Glen Tipis WOLF GLEN TIPIS   This business based in the United Kingdom does both rent and sell Tipis to the general public. And they do a lot of custom work.

    ►If you want to hire or buy a Tipi, it's best to deal with a reliable, experienced maker. Wolf Glen Tipis have been making and hiring Tipis for more than 15 years, and supply Tipis to some of the UK's leading Tipi camping and holiday companies. Johnny is a trained architect, while Moy has a BA in design from Glasgow College of Art. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and attention to detail. All our Tipis are made using natural materials and individually sewn to your specification. We use the traditional Sioux 3-pole design. Tipi covers and linings are made from 12oz cotton canvas which is fire-retardant, waterproofed and rot proofed. Lacing pins, pegs, ropes, door cover and storage bags are supplied. Covers have specially tough reinforcements at the lifting tongue and peg loops. Poles are cut from local, sustainably managed plantations, using timbers such as Norway spruce, Sitka spruce and Scots pine, hand-stripped and sanded to a smooth finish. Pegs are hand-cleft from local ash, while lacing pins are made of larch, hazel and willow.◄
  10. Indian Tipi MOUNTAIN STATES TENT & AWNINGS   This business has two locations to serve you: Colorado & Wyoming.

    ►We build an authentic Western Tribe Tepee. Our price includes reinforcements on all stress points, pockets on smoke flaps for poles, lacing pins, state loops around the bottom and a door cover. We offer our Indian Tepees in two types of material; 10 oz. untreated army duck and 10 oz marine finished treated army duck. The liner is to be used if you build a fire inside your Tepee. This liner will provide the proper air flow to push the smoke out the top of the Tepee. The liner ties to the poles on the inside of the Tepee and includes a sod cloth to prevent air from coming in under the Tepee skin. Tepees can be painted with your design or we will design & paint for you - Call or visit our “Contact Us” page for more information. All our work is guaranteed!◄
  11. Albion Canvas Tipi ALBION CANVAS   This company located in England has some of the coolest designs in tents and yurts and other canvas shelter items like Tipis.

    ►Welcome to the home of real tents & Tipis! Traditional cotton canvas, oiled timber poles and frames, ropes, finials and wood pegs. We design and custom build all sorts of tented structures for camping, the garden, events, fixed luxury tented accommodation, film and TV. Browse through our extensive range of beautifully engineered and finished canvas tents. There's something for everyone here; from classic ridge tents through to top of the range yurts and Tipis. Plus, if you can't see exactly what you are after we should be able to make it for you. If you own a campsite or land and are looking to diversify, eco-tourism is a growing industry. With our knowledge of camping, experience in supplying campsites and land owners, plus our long standing service record why not give us a call to discuss the possibilities of starting your own luxury tented accommodation business or request one of our free quick guides. Don't forget, if you register on our site you will receive advanced notification of new developments and get additional registered customer only offers.◄
  12. Maybe old picture of Tipi SACRED ARROW TIPIS   This business based in South Africa i believe. I cannot tell if the pictures on the site are of their product or not. There are Tipi set-up instructions on this site plus a price list. Owner of this site requires email request to start the buying process or for all imformation inquiries.

    ►The American Plain Indian culture, specifically that of the Sioux, is perhaps the most underrated civilization in history. An extremely sophisticated, nomadic people, their lifestyle demanded a practical, comfortable, eco friendly and mobile living space - the Tipi (pronounced Teepee). With a simplicity of design that technology cannot improve, the versatile Tipi can be anything from a child's plaything to fully fledged home. It forms an incredible, stable, leaning, aerodynamic cone, and has the unique ability to accommodate an open fire. The smoke flaps can be adjusted to draw air into, or out of the Tipi, so even in the most extreme weather conditions it will provide refuge with comfort and warmth. As the days grow longer and the sun rises higher, the skin (cover) can be rolled up to form a giant parasol . . . comfort throughout the year. The Tipi's magnificence goes deeper than appearance. Due to design, the floor plan of a Tipi is that of an egg. A life giving, organic shape widely believed to have positive spiritual properties. There are in fact entire Tipi communities because of this, and the particular closeness to nature that one can achieve. The Tipi's shape is known to encourage imaginative play in children, and what child wouldn't be thrilled with their own versatile garden hideaway.◄
  13. Tipi Tent GRAYS MARQUEES   It appears to me Tipis are a sideline business for these folks located in the United Kingdom. However, their Tipi creations look quite nice. ►At Grays Marquees we have been manufacturing natural canvas products for over 70 years and now we have channeled our marquee-manufacturing skills into building the North American Indian Tipi. We make all our Tipis ourselves from our base on the Isle of Wight. Our Tipis are produced from the best 12oz natural cotton canvas which has been treated to combat the problems of rot. Water resistant and flame retardant, it is the same material we use for our marquee manufacture and has stood the test of hard commercial use for many years. A fire certificate will be issued with every Tipi manufactured making it available for use in the commercial hire business. Our Tipis are 18ft diameter with 24ft poles. The design of the Tipi has been well established over many years and we have taken this basic design and added our own well proven marquee construction methods to increase the life of the Tipi and to the ease the erection and striking procedure.◄

    • Our design includes:
    • Reinforced ground anchor eyelets.
    • Double eyelet system for beckets.
    • Synthetic hemp ropes.
    • Double stitching on all main seams.
    • Laced closed door for better security.
    • Light weight inner door to deflect leaks around the entrance area.
    • Choice of colors - sand, red, kaki, yellow, green, black, olive green, brown, blue and white.
    • Choice of sizes 14ft, 16ft, 18ft, 24ft.
    • Single length poles or split for easy transport.
    • Each Tipi comes with a full set of instructions, pegs, poles, door and storage bags to keep it safe and clean.

  14. AhKi Tipi AHKI TIPI   This business makes a lot of different colored Tipis for your choice. They sell on eBay and you can click on the picture at the right to visit Little Joe's eBay selling site.

    ►My Grandmother persuaded me to start making Tipis. She gave me the pattern and said "With every new Tipi please say a little prayer asking to bless everyone that enters this lodge, if you don't feel good while you're making one, wait until you feel better to finish it. And always remember this very important thing: Whatever it is you put into making a new lodge will come back to you three-fold". I knew she was gifting me with something very close to her heart! We are happy to share our world with all of you. Tipis are great for Schools, Day Care, Outings, Gatherings, Talking circles, Back Yards, Camp outs, Powwows, Teaching aids, Weddings, Extra guest rooms, Temporary or Permanent housing, Movie rooms, Hunting, BBQ and serving areas, Parties, Play houses and much more. Some friends of mine have even given birth to a child in Tipis I made for them. My son and I are available for classes, or lessons, teaching traditional Tipi set up. Rates vary depending on your location and scheduled needs. Please contact us for more information. Why i make a better Tipi: Nylon straps are used instead of cotton. All Seams are DOUBLE LOCK STITCHED with 100% Acrylic thread unlike most other Tipis that are chain stitched with cotton or nylon and pull out very easily, just like the top of a potato sack. My Standard Tipis are made from 12 oz. single fill industrial grade Natural Cotton Duck Fabric. In addition my Tipis are reinforced at all stress points to withstand years of use in any weather condition. Please check my Q & A section for self help on water proofing, fire retarding and other helpful information including setting up your Tipi and how to find poles.◄
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