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  1. Nomadics Tipi NOMADICS TIPI MAKERS   As far as i know these people have been in business for quite awhile. I think they are located in Oregon.

    ►Since our Tipis (Teepees, Tepees) are as authentic as possible in our contemporary world, they bring to the 21st century a "living artifact". They make it possible to experience what a nomadic culture experienced hundreds of years ago. Our Tipis (Teepees, Tepees) are authentic Sioux style to which we have added reinforcing and design variations that are the results of our own Tipi living experiences in snow, below zero temperatures, coastal rain forests and hurricane force winds.
    Our Teepee making is self-styled and integrates our love of the wilderness with rural life and the demands of Teepee making. Our workshop is hidden in the quiet seclusion of the forest at the base of the Three Sisters Wilderness Area and our Tipis are sewn by local residents in their own homes. We made all leather Tipis for Kevin Costner's movie "Dances With Wolves" and Tom Cruise's "The Last Samurai".◄
  2. Earthworks Tipis EARTHWORKS TIPIS   This is a division of the Colorado Yurt Company in Montrose, CO 81401. From their website you can order fabric samples and a brochure of their Tipi products. Lots of good information located here including Tipi set-up instructions, painting Tipis, history of the Tipi, & other useful info.

    "Although there are several spellings for Tipi (also Teepee and Tepee), to the Native American of the Great Plains it meant one thing... home. In fact, Tipi is the Lakota word for "living in". Today a Tipi can be many things: Temporary or permanent, traditional or modern. You can transport and pitch a small Tipi at a campground, reenactment or rendezvous for the weekend. Place a Tipi on an elaborate deck and add all the amenities of the finest resorts. Kids love backyard Tipis. And just as the Native Americans did, some of our customers live in their Tipi full-time and enjoy a closeness to the rhythms of nature that is difficult to find in our modern world. However you spell it or use it, it's tough to beat the original design of such a perfect structure."
  3. One of their Tipis for rent 4 WINDS LAKELAND TIPIS   This seems to be a very popular thing as a business nowadays: To provide to the general public a vacation or "holiday" experience living in some kind of tent, such as this Tipi rental site in Great Britain. Tipi camping in the UK, now very popular. These people have a nice website with pictures and plenty of information about their facilities.

    ►Gaze at the sun rising over Lake Windermere or Coniston Water and take pleasure in the magnificent fell views. 4 Winds Lakeland Tipi Campsites are great bases for off-road biking tracks, a starting point for gentle walks or more adventurous hikes, launching non-powered water crafts. Leave the car behind and explore the area on foot, by bike or by boat. You can also enjoy fishing and bird watching all from the campsite grounds. Camping in a Tipi (Teepee or Wigwam as they are often called) is a truly unique way to lessen your carbon footprint whilst visiting the Lake District. When the sunshine filters through the canvas or the candlelight flickers across the tall majestic poles supporting this traditional dwelling you will feel a tangible sense of a simpler existence. The ethos of the North American Indian was to be at one with Grandmother Earth and to respect nature at 4 Winds we also adhere to this ethos. All around is the Sacred Hoop of all life. In front, behind, to the left, and to the right. These are the powers of the four directions . . . The Four Winds.◄
  4. Konza Tipi KONZA TIPI   Update (4 Jan 2014): The links i have here go to a 404 not found page. I leave this listing up for future reference. This is the "Konza Tipi", a One Pole Nylon Tipi Offered in 12ft and 18ft sizes.

    Designed for the individualist who is looking for a LIGHT WEIGHT PORTABLE TIPI without all the Long Poles and Heavy Canvas:

    • Guaranteed Premium Quality Materials and Workmanship
    • Constructed of Ripstop Nylon Material
    • Guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for 6 months
    • Ease of setup and transportation

    ►For inquiries or a brochure on the Tipi, please email me at the information on the personal page. Allow 3-6 weeks for the building and shipping of leather products. Send USA Money Order or USA Certified Check with your order in USA currency only. Shipping and handling charges vary from $4.50 to $25.00 depending on weight, size of product in shipping container, and zip code. Overseas orders are much higher on shipping costs. Prices are subject to change without notice, plus brochure is subject to change without notice. A 15% restocking fee is charged on all returned merchandise. Special requests considered on leather products, write for a price quote. I can tool almost anything on the quivers and arm guards, your designs or mine. Kansas residents add appropriate sales tax. Discover and Novus cards now accepted.◄
  5. SETTING UP A TIPI   Here's a good YouTube video showing you how to set-up an Indian Tipi in fast motion. Young children seem to be doing the assembly process, i guess to demonstrate that it is not a very difficult task to put up the Tepee tent. The owner spent several hundred dollars building it himself. The poles on this Tipi are about 20ft long and the base is about 19ft wide (front to back, the base is kind of egg shaped - slightly wider front to back than side to side). As for putting it up by yourself? Might be a bit tough for one person with a Tipi this size. A smaller one might be easier to set up by yourself.

    ►Ever wondered how you set up a Tipi? Here's how, in fast motion! Lot's of people have been asking me how to build a Tipi. I would highly recommend the book "The Indian Tipi" by Gladys Laubin. It is an excellent book and will answer all of your questions. Get it at Amazon by clicking: HERE.◄
  6. The 7 Meter Tipi JAIA TIPIS   This business based in New Zealand manufactures both Tipis and Yurts. Nice website with lots of pictures of their products. Also, need to mention that they ship their products all over the world.

    ►Greetings Tipi Lovers. Welcome to the Jaia website. Please have a look at our Tipi section and also our gallery for a visual treat to the absolutely magical space these traditional structures provide. Tipis are suited to a wide range of applications, some use them for meditation/healing spaces, extra accommodation for guests, full-time homes, backpacker/tourist accommodation, workshop/art studios, retreat spaces . . . It is a constant joy to work with these amazing structures. We find it extremely rewarding, especially in today's consumerist culture, to be crafting quality, long lasting products which genuinely enhance and enrich peoples lives. We have enjoyed great feedback from our customers over the years, and always love hearing of the diverse situations and experiences surrounding our products. Enjoy your visit and please contact us if we can be of further assistance. We have been making Tipis (sometimes spelt Tepee or Teepee) here in Golden Bay, New Zealand, for over 15 years and have had orders from all over the world. Jaia Tipis specializes in hand made traditional style Tipis manufactured to the highest standard. We use the best quality canvas and materials that we can source and have worked continuously on perfecting our design. For all intents and purposes a Jaia Tipi is built using exactly the same Tipi design as the Native American tribes used ~ although canvas has outmoded Buffalo hide! The feeling, the energy and the space of the Tipi remains the same. Not surprisingly for cultures so at one with their environments the Indigenous peoples came up with perfectly simple designs which are also highly efficient, practical, and beautiful. The Tipi's aerodynamics are such that correctly pitched it can withstand the fiercest of storms. The Tipi smokeflaps are easily adjusted with changing wind directions, safely allowing a fire inside even in gusty winds and rain and creating a Venturi effect which draws the smoke up and out. In winter an inner liner is used in the Tipi which prevents drafts and creates a cosy womb-like feeling. In summer a gentle breeze can pass under the outside cover of the Tipi - the cover can also be rolled up at the sides allowing the panorama of nature into your living room .◄
  7. WINTER CAMPING IN MY MINIATURE SIOUX TIPI   Yes, this is a short video, but it teaches you something about living in a small Tipi. You have to do things correctly in order to make the experience comfortable. Some of the comfort items he included in his Tipi for his attempted over night stay were: A blue moving blanket, a blue plastic tarp & a small hobo stove w/heat shield.

    ►This is a short video showcasing my mini Sioux Tipi. It's an exact replica of a full size Tipi with fully functional smoke flaps and 20 oz fire retardant duck canvas. You can check it out at While I really like the Tipi, I'll probably sell this one and buy something larger.

    UPDATE: Well, I ended up sleeping in the Tipi that night. What a comedy it was. The temperature dropped to -15 C and to keep warm I was feeding wood into that little stove. Since I didn't use a draft tube, which I learned about later, the smoke became unbearable. The hole in the top allowed cold air and snow to blow in, and by 2:30 in the morning I stumbled into my house. I'll have to do some research before I try that again.

    LATEST UPDATE: I've sold this Tipi to someone who plans to live in it for a year. I'm excited to hear how she does. Perhaps she'll make some videos.◄
  8. PVC Plastic Pipe Used as Tipi Frame Poles USE PVC PIPE FOR A PERMANENT TIPI BASE   This article in eHow tells you about using PVC plastic pipe in place of standard wood poles for your Tipi frame. Might actually be a good idea, and helps to eliminate some of the problems associated with wood poles like possible sap drainage and splinters. As the article says: "PVC pipe makes an acceptable substitute for wooden Tipi poles". Sometimes these eHow articles seem to leave out a lot of necessary information or important steps needed to "Make whatever it is you are trying to do work" but this article here seems pretty complete.

    ►An authentic Tipi uses cypress, red or white cedar, Wisconsin balsam or lodge pole pine for poles, according to owner/author, Linda Holley. PVC pipe makes an acceptable, durable substitute that will not get sap on your Tipi frame the way uncured wooden poles sometimes do. Using recycled PVC pipe from construction sites to make your Tipi frame instead of cutting down trees saves landfill space and prevents deforestation. . .◄
  9. Linda Holley Book TIPIS.ORG   Much to my embarrassment - i should have had this link up here a long time ago. This site contains much valuable information about every aspect of the Indian Tipi. The site belongs to "Linda Holley" author of the book entitled:

    Click HERE For The Book "Tipis | Tepees | Teepees".

    ►Tipis site is dedicated to all the people around the world who have ever studied the American Indian Tipi and wanted to live the life of freedom on the Plains that this structure represents. It is also dedicated to all those who wanted to own, have owned, will own a lodge in the future. Special note: This web site was developed by Linda Holley for her own personal reasons . . . It is not to sell Tipis for any maker or to advertise any particular manufacturer. Many people have helped with this site in giving me information, pictures or permission to use information. This is MY site and NOT influenced by anyone, person, thing or alien. If it ever becomes "influenced" I will take my ball and go home. BTW . . . "We" refers to the royal we . . . Of me, myself and I.◄
  10. Tipis-Tepees-Teepees TIPIS | TEPEES | TEEPEES  This site will give you a little education about Tipis in general and some history also.

    ►Tipis site is dedicated to all the people around the world who have ever studied the American Indian Tipi and wanted to live the life of freedom on the Plains that this structure represents. It is also dedicated to all those who wanted to own, have owned, will own a lodge in the future. We hope to give you information which will help you in setting up the camp of your dreams. This page is also dedicated to the Laubins, who spent their life in the study of Native American culture which inspired so many of us in acquiring a Tipi. The Sioux spelling for Tipis will be used through most of these pages, though you may see the other recognized forms of the word.◄
  11. Canvas Tipi IDAHO CANVAS PRODUCTS   This old line business makes and sells a nice range of Tipi sizes from 10ft up to at least 20ft.

    ►The highly skilled people at Idaho Canvas Products have been designing and creating quality sewn products from the finest materials available for over 67 years. We have a number of stock items and can create custom items to your specifications. Every product we manufacture is custom made. We will help you fine tune your design to best serve your purpose. Our staff is trained to help you choose materials, designs, and processes to make your product fit your needs. Up to date patterning, cutting and sewing techniques assure efficiency and quality control in the manufacturing of your product. We've built our reputation on quality. Regardless of the size of your order, our inspectors insure your product is just the way you want it. Our goal is to make your custom designed product fit your specific needs. Enhance the appearance and personalize your product. Custom graphics can be applied to your product.◄
  12. Reliable Tents Children's Tipi RELIABLE TENT & TIPI   This business is located in Billings Montana. They also sell Sims stoves, kni-co stoves, & cylinder stoves for use inside your tent.

    ►We are proud to be one of the few companies in the world that make an authentic Tipi. The Montana Indian culture is evidenced by the presence of seven reservations in our state, as well as by an annual international Indian fair in our area. Our Tipi designs are derived from their cultures. We have been providing Tipis to our local tribes for over 50 years, modifying the patterns at their suggestion. There is no other tent design superior to that of the Tipi. It is easy to pitch and provides plenty of room. The Crow Indian Tipi is our standard design. We also manufacture the Sioux and even make a unique Backyard Tipi for children. Please inquire if you have a special design in mind and we will try to build it for you. Tipi Etiquette is something fun to look at and abide by when you have your friends over!◄
  13. Trapline Lodges TRAPLINE LODGES   This Tipi building business is based in Whitehall, Montana.

    ►Do you recommend using a Tipi for a long term temporary shelter? Yes, it is perfect for that sort of use. You can leave a Tipi up without having to maintain it for long periods of time. How do you heat the Tipi? I've spent an entire winter living in a Tipi and I recommend not only having the usual fire on the floor (hearth) but a wood stove as well. This is not traditional but very useful. The smoke flaps of a Tipi work well but wind changes direction and with a good rain you will want to close the smoke flaps which doesn't allow for a hearth fire to burn. The wood stove enables you to cook and heat water regardless of the weather. We can install stove jacks in our Tipis upon request. For common Tipi use, a hearth fire is adequate as well as aesthetically pleasing.

    "The mission of Trapline Lodges is to offer products from a variety of different aspects of the Plains Indian experience and culture. This catalog displays canvas products and also an ever increasing array of artifact replication. I began with Tipis and have evolved into including things found in Tipis. Many Tipi companies venture into yurts, tents and awnings. I decided to stay a little closer to the historical trail of the Plains Culture. All of the larger Tipis are constructed of 10.38 oz. Sunforger sailcloth canvas. The 18 Footer is the most popular size amongst our customers. It is the Tipi size most commonly seen at the Mountain Man Rendezvous. I consider this Tipi a "family size" Tipi. It sleeps six to eight people comfortably with all accompanying gear, food, etc. This Tipi takes 17 poles that are 24ft long. If you are looking for the experience of a big Tipi with good manageability, this is the one. This size is preferred by many people who choose to live year-round in a Tipi. I can set up an 18 Footer without assistance but it takes some experience to develop the ability. For most people, assistance is needed with a Tipi of this size.◄
  14. MARK'S TIPI   Here's a good video showing what a person can do with a large size Tipi. This man Mark even stores his fire wood inside the Tipi. He comments that he likes the Tipi and enjoys using it. This Tipi is located near or in Golden, Colorado.

    Children's Books ►Okay, although I admire the lifestyle Native Americans led (before the European invasion) I know next to nothing about Tipis (also spelled Tepee and Teepee). So, whenever I run across one I enjoy taking a closer look. The Tipi in this video, especially, caught my attention because it's in a residential neighborhood in Golden, just a few kilometers from my own house! It was the Presidents' Day holiday so I had a little extra time on my hands and was bicycling by when I stopped to photograph this particular Tipi. Mark, the owner, stepped out and invited me in for a closer look - thanks Mark! In preparation for this upload I took a quick look around the Internet and learned this about Tipis: The Tipi was originally made of animal skins or birch bark and used by the Native Americans of the Great Plains. The word "Tipi", itself comes from the word "Thípi" in Lakota language and is a verb/noun mixture meaning "to dwell", or simply, "house". Historically, the Tipi was durable - providing warmth and comfort in winter, but remaining dry during heavy rains. And, apparently, the Tipi was cool in the heat of summer where temperatures on the Great Plains can easily exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 Celsius). Tipis were easily disassembled and packed away quickly - making them very portable for the nomadic lifestyle of Native Americans of the Great Plains.◄ Here's my personal web page about camping: ROGER WENDELL.
  15. 12ft Tipi ARROW TIPI   This is a "Full Service" Canadian Tipi manufacturing company. They do it all and probably know it all, i mean that in a good sense. Sizes range from 12ft to 33ft, maybe bigger. Lots of additional information on their website including Tipi set-up instructions.

    ►Welcome to Arrow Tipi. New Tipis, used Tipis and poles are available. Rentals and repairs are welcome. Pitching is made easy and safe with our patented "Widgets". We build durable, contemporary Tipis for all kinds of commercial operations and ordinary folks. We Deliver. Tipi also spelled Tepee or Teepee means a conical aboriginal structure consisting a set of Tipi poles covered by fabric or animal skins. Plain Indians have used Tepees for shelter for thousands of years. Arrow Tipi can supply Teepees, used Tipis, Tipi poles, widgets, Tipi platforms or just a Tipi door. Situated in the Arrow Lakes, we can supply Tepee services including: Tipi rentals, Tipi repair, Tipi pitching and Tipi manufacturing. Transporting Tipis and repairing Tipis are part of our service as a Tipi maker. Our website has more information about Tipi living, Widgets, Tipi prices, Tipi platforms, Tipi poles, Tipi rentals, used Tipis, widgets, pitching Tipis, transporting Tipis, repairing Tipis, and Tipi manufacturing. Tipi pitching is made easier with our pitching widgets and our Tipi poles. Arrow Tipis are designed from the pegging ties to the easy smoke flap pockets to provide the utmost in safety, comfort, durability, and beauty. Using computer aided design software we integrate poles, large usable doorways, and preassembled, dependable doors to operate as a unit. Commercial users of our Tipis appreciate our dirt-proof doorway bottoms, wind-proofing techniques, and pitching systems based on our patented Widgets. Our Tipis are designed to be pitched by ordinary people, using ordinary skills, and household tools. Arrow Tipi is proud to bring a modern design approach to an ancient concept. We are a full service company. We make what we sell.◄
  16. Reese Tipis REESE TIPIS   This business is located in Colorado Springs, CO. I think they have been around for a long time. Please Note 18 Dec 10: "Reese Tipi are currently NOT being manufactured. Please check back soon as we expect this to be a temporary situation. Thank you".
    25 Aug 16: Website still down.

    ►Emphasis on quality is obvious when you inspect one of our Indian Tipis. Only the finest water repellent Tipi fabrics are used, stress areas are heavily reinforced, all authentic features are carefully preserved, including gores and smoke flap pockets, and every Tipi comes with complete instructions for installation, use, care and maintenance. The basic design is Sioux with the Cheyenne smoke flap extensions. We can also make Blackfoot, Crow and other Tipis upon request. We use only the finest lodge pole pine for our Tipi poles and we can ship the poles anywhere in the continental US and Canada and most of the remaining free world. When I sold Smith & Adams Company in 1978 (noted for quality canvas products including Tipis [Tepees, Teepees] since 1889) I retained the rights to our custom Indian Tipi, liner, and ozan designs. Since then, our family has continued to make a limited number of Indian Tipis for those who insist on having maximum quality, fit and durability. Simply put, We guarantee to manufacture the best Tipi that can be made. Emphasis on quality is obvious when you inspect one of our Indian Tipis. Only the finest water repellent Tipi fabrics are used, stress areas are heavily reinforced, all authentic features are carefully preserved, including gores and smoke flap pockets, and every Tipi comes with complete instructions for installation, use, care and maintenance. The basic design is Sioux with the Cheyenne smoke flap extensions. We can also make Blackfoot, Crow and other Tipis upon request. We use only the finest lodgepole pine for our Tipi poles and we can ship the poles anywhere in the continental US and Canada and most of the remaining free world. When we first started making Native American Tipis we studied all the literature we could find on the subject. We combined what we learned from our studies with our extensive knowledge of fabrics and fabrication and made our first family Tipi. We subjected this and subsequent Tipis to all types of stress and exposure until we had a Tipi we were satisfied to put our name on. One of our Tipis was left up in the mountains for 4 winters and was 10 years old before it finally perished under 16 feet of snow during an exceptionally severe winter. When we examined the remains we found that not one of our reinforced areas had failed - the fabric itself had given way when the poles collapsed and punctured the fabric, but not the reinforcements - and this after the equivalent of at least 20 years of normal seasonal use. When we made the Tipis for the movie "Windwalker", their Art Director did extensive research to achieve authenticity. It was found that our design was completely authentic in style and appearance (Sioux, with the Cheyenne smoke flap extensions). Over the years we have made thousands of Tipis and we strive to make each one just a little better than the last one. For many years I did the design and layout and Catherine did the cutting and the sewing. Our nine children and forty four grandchildren help them enjoy Tipi lore and living. Many of us have Tipis of our own. For the "Reese Family", Tipis are truly a family thing. We enjoy making them and love living and camping in them. Here's hoping you enjoy your Tipi as we have enjoyed ours. Our "13 Points of Excellence" are standard features on all Reese Tipis. No other Tipi has all of these features. Very few Tipis have more than 4 or 5 of these features. Look for all these points of excellence before you choose your Tipi. Most people who are not familiar with Indian Tipis (and some who are) have no idea of how to choose a lodge. Many do not know that there are different Tipi styles, sizes, pole configurations, types of fabric or degrees of fit and quality. Most Tipi manufactures today sacrifice quality, fit, finish or all of the above to compete on a price before value basis. We at Reese Tipis strongly believe in providing our customers with the best overall value and a product we and the customer can be proud of for many years. Frank Reese - Founder, Reese Tipis.◄
  17. Hearthworks Tipi HEARTHWORKS   Nice website here with lots of pictures of their products. These folks appear to be quite busy with all their projects. Lots to offer the Tipi buying public . . .

    ►Welcome to Hearthworks, the home of Tipis and Yurts. We offer the UK's largest selection of Tipis and Yurts for hire and for sale, providing a variety of sizes, colors and bespoke canvas tailoring. Hearthworks was formed in 1999 as manufacturers of traditional North American Sioux style Tipis, and soon began making Central Asian style Yurts in steam-bent English Ash. Hearthworks Tipis and Yurts have been used the world over - from the Australian bush to the tropical beaches of Costa Rica, from high in the Himalayas to the deserts of Sinai. Our experience of these different environments has given us direct insights into how these structures function best. Hearthworks has grown to become one of the UK's leading providers of Tipis and Yurts. As well as making bespoke Tipis and Yurts to order, we offer a friendly and professional hire service. Our Tipi and Yurt hire services are supplied to a number of major festivals and are also available for private hire - weddings, corporate functions and other events. Our Tipis and Yurts for sale are used around the world and can be made according to your specific requirements. Hearthworks want as many people as possible to feel inspired, as we do, about Tipis and Yurts. We provide a reliable service that is flexible to your individual needs. Don't hesitate to contact us.◄
  18. Reese Tipi framework TIPI FRAME AND FLOOR   I included this Tipi frame setup picture from Reese Tipis to show you a good way to organize you Tipi home. You could substitute plywood or regular 2X6 lumber decking for the redwood decking or floor shown in this picture.

    ►My favorite configuration is a pallet type floor with a stone hearth in the fire pit area. Our interior Redwood Floors are custom fit for your Reese Tipi to bring a new level of comfort and design. Our redwood Tipi floors are custom made in our own facility. Redwood floors add more than beauty to your Tipi. The unique patent pending design captures the poles in place, preventing them from moving in windy weather. The locking action, keeps the poles from sliding inward and prevents pockets from forming that can catch the wind. The liner seals directly to the floor, keeping unwanted drafts and critters out and warmth in. In addition, our modular design, allows the Tipi to be re-located if needed thus maintaining the "portability" of the Tipi and eliminating the need for building permits in most areas. Our unique "4-direction" design brings a peaceful synergy to the Tipi bringing your Tipi experience to a new level. Only in a Tipi - only in a Reese Tipi.◄
  19. Manataka PLAINS INDIAN TIPI   This is a page from the Manataka American Indian Council about setting up your Tipi plus some other valuable information. Also, you can buy Tipis from this site.

    ►The Tipi [also spelled Tepee, Teepee, Tepe] of the Plains Indians is a fine dwelling, where poles are available and a permanent camp is in order. It is a roomy structure in which a fire may be built, and is comfortable in extremes of heat or cold. The pattern of the Tipi (Plate A) is cut in the shape of a half-circle (A), twice as long as it is wide, with 2 smoke flaps (B) near the center of the pattern. Fifteen by 30 feet is a good size. If the Tipi is smaller, it is difficult to keep it free of smoke. Eight-ounce canvas is satisfactory for the cover.◄
  20. Granit 14 Tipi Tent TENTIPI®   This is probably my favorite Tipi company. Because i am very practical and like well designed and made items. This business is located in Sweden. They sell this Tipi all over Europe. They call their type of Tipis "Nordic Tipis". They have three different type of Tipi: TenTipi® Adventure, TenTipi® Classic, & TenTipi® Event. Take a look at their accessories page for some different styles of Tipi heaters and other stuff. Click HERE to visit a great review with pictures of their "TenTipi® Safir 7 CP" model TenTipi®. This might possibly be a business opportunity for some of you because they do not seem to have any North American distributors for their products.

    ►We are a tent-manufacturing company whose roots are to be found deep in the soil of Lapland and the strong tradition of being close to nature that is manifest up here in northern Sweden. This cultural heritage is something that is evident in all our products. We embrace adventure. People who lead adventurous lives, people who want an event that's an experience — these are the people we seek to serve. This is why our tents evoke the spirit of legendary nomadic cultures that defied the elements. It is why TenTipi® is so much more than a tent. It celebrates an adventurous way of life.◄
  21. Sunforger Tipi DON STRINZ TIPI   The owner of this business is actively involved with muzzleloaders & rendezvous groups which specialize in frontier period type clothing and shelter. So they have a rich heritage. No nuclear bombs here.

    ►The first Don Strinz Tipi went up in 1967. Since then, to my good fortune, I have enjoyed the company of thousands and thousands of buck skinners. Because I practice my craft among friends, it's second nature to try my best to please them. Over the years I have developed a technique for building Tipis, wall tents and other white canvas products that combines my love of the lifestyle with a true understanding of what constitutes a good, functional, long-lasting primitive shelter. I take a lot of pride in what I do. You will find other merchants with lower prices. I hope you will look closely and compare material, construction and overall value. If you're ever at a rendezvous, shoot or other event we're visiting, be sure to stop by for a while and chat. You can find a list of them on the right, after you close this window. Donna and I would love to talk to you. Because making friends is a lot of what this is all about. So if you see us, come on over and say "hi." The coffee is always on.◄
  22. Painted Tipi EBAY TIPIS   Just a gentle reminder that eBay could be a source for your next Tipi. When i checked - there did not seem to be very many listed but there were some. Tipis can be found here:   Home > Buy > Sporting Goods > Outdoor Sports > Camping & Hiking > Tents & Canopies > 5+ Person Tents > Search results. Tipi in the picture on the right is not for sale - it is for display purposes only.

    Sample Listing:
    ►Cheyenne/Sioux Tepee-20ft, Tipi, Canvas. FREE SHIPPING. Item condition: New. Price: US $799.00. Buy It Now. Watch this item. You're Invited! Join eBay Bucks and earn 2%. See conditions. Shipping: FREE shipping UPS Ground See more services | See all details. Estimated delivery within 4-9 business days. Returns: 3 day exchange, buyer pays return shipping | Read details. Coverage: Pay with and your full purchase price is covered | See terms.◄
  23. Red Hawk Tipi REDHAWK-TRADING   In addition to Tipis they sell other types of canvas tents and canvas by-the-yard.

    ►Here at Red Hawk Trading, we take a great deal of pride in our tent and Tipi products. We are a family business and have been involved in the manufacturing of Tipis and mountain-man-style tents for more than 26 years. We strive to maintain the highest quality of workmanship possible. Our methods have proven so effective that other manufactures have copied them. Dealing with us is simple and straightforward.◄

  24. Three Children's Play Tipis MAGIC CABIN   For those of you who would like to share the joys of Tipi living with children this might be a good place to start. This business has at least three models of Tipi sizes to choose suitable for children's play. Get your kid's started in the right Tipi direction by buying them one or all of these good looking Tipis or maybe have them work in the crop fields to earn the money necessary to buy their own Tipi.

    ►The traditional style Tipis can be used indoors to create a private play space, or outside for the most fun backyard camp-out ever. They're crafted from heavy-duty cotton canvas material that's both flame-retardant and mildew resistant, and come with sturdy wooden poles that insert into plastic sleeves for easy assembly.
    The 12ft Tipi has an interior play space that's roomy enough for even adults to sleep in;
    the 7-1/2ft Tipi provides a cozy spot for 2-3 children; the 6ft Tipi is perfect for indoors and smaller yards, yet still provides plenty of play space. Tipis can be personalized using included templates and your own acrylic or fabric paints. Years of playtime and camping fun. Gift wrap not available. For ages 4 and up. Sizes 12ft Tipi is 12ft high by 9-1/2ft Dia. 7-1/2ft Tipi is 7-1/2ft high by 6-1/2ft Dia. 6ft Tipi is 6ft high by 5ft Dia.◄
  25. Full Size Tipi TIPI - WORKSHOP   This business based in the country of Austria (Located near Germany) features a slightly different twist on the Tipi by offering a Tipi utilizing a "one pole" set-up system. They also sell a "Kid's Tipi", very nice. They also hand make and sell full size regular size Tipis

    ►The Tipi Experts - production, repair and sale of handmade Tipis. The One-Pole-Tipi™ is a, quick and easy to erect, Tipi for all those who cannot do without a tent or a Tipi, when trekking, biking riding or any other outdoor activity. The main feature when comparing a Tipi to a regular tent is the possibility of having a fire inside. This of course is a great advantage for creating atmosphere and for when it is wet and cold outside. When erecting the Tipi you only need one pole, which can easily be found in the woods near by, or if you prefer you could also use a divisible pole. The one pole is placed in the center of the Tipi with ropes coming down from the top of the pole and secured to the ground at the required distance from where the pole touches the ground. The ropes actually perform the same function as the poles of a conventional Tipi. This will ensure the typical conical shape of a Tipi. . .◄
  26. MY TIPI IN VERMONT   This YouTube Video is presented by "Patti" a gal living in Vermont. She uploaded this video to YouTube on September 1, 2009. It is a short piece just showing the putting up of her large white conventional Indian Tipi. She uses long wooden maple poles given to her by a friend. She purchased her Tipi from "Reliable Tent & Tipi". She put the cover on higher so she could enter and exit easier and it also gives her more room. She put plastic on the bottom leaving room for air flow. She calls this:
    "My Home Sweet Home".

  27. Full Size Tipi SIMPLY DIFFERENTLY   This website has been around for a long time. The owner resumed updating it awhile back, but it does not look like he has done much lately. It contains some good information in my opinion, especially if you are the type of person who likes technical approaches to evaluating systems, in this case "shelter systems".

    ►Dakota-Sioux: Tipi (or Tepee) - ti to house, pi to use to. The Tipi is a beautiful shaped living room, like a cathedral does it rise in the center, the round circle-like floor shape, UBER GIFT CARDS a sacred space by itself. It is also easy to transport, put up and build; base of nomadic living. The Tipi stands almost as a symbol of native American culture, and it seems unique to the north American continent. The simplicity is obvious, and with poles, a single piece of canvas (plus door cover) and ropes, you build a Tipi. The smoke flaps and the interior inlining make it a habitat with an open fire in the middle, but it must be admitted to use it in winter-time, it seems less suitable, as the smoke leaves through the roof and junction of the poles, and so the heat, not very optimal or efficient despite of possible fur used to insulate the interior. The Tipi I consider as spring to fall shelter, as the thermal insulation for the winter is quite an overhead and less suitable, unless one uses furr extensively. The Tipi is rather simple to transport, one big one piece canvas for the cover, and the poles, which can become quite long (e.g. > 7m) and an overhead to transport. As it is suggested the poles should be 1 to 1.5m longer than the diameter of the Tipi, I personally yet consider 0.50m more sufficient, then a separate cover for the pole junction can be applied so no rain water will leak anymore into the inside of the Tipi. The Tipi is amazing simple, a set of straight poles and one canvas with an optional inlining; to erect and take down a Tipi is simple. The portability is very good, except when you have very long poles. The comfort isn't that great due the reason mentioned, the thermal insulation isn't doable very easy and so a lower rating on the comfort.◄
  28. Western Canvas Tipi WESTERN CANVAS   Lots of good pictures of their product on their website. They also do Tipi repair work, sell Tipi poles & liners and sell children's play Tipis.

    ►Authentic Handmade Tipis patterned after original Native American designs. Easy! Portable! and Fun! From 9 foot children's play Tipis (Teepee, Tepee) to 30 foot ceremonial lodges. There is an enduring and recently growing interest in one of the ultimate symbols of the American West, The Plains Indian Tipi, sometimes referred to as a Lodge or Teepee. In Cody, Wyoming, Western Canvas is producing and exhibiting a pictorial history of the American West in their authentic canvas Teepees. While Tipis exhibit a pictorial history of Plains Indian life and represent a symbol of the American West, they remain contemporary. Western Canvas blends the popular theme of western design with authentic reproduction to create livable and instructional Tepees equally at home in suburban backyards and world-renowned museum collections. Experience a nomadic culture with authentic handmade Tipis patterned after original Native American Indian designs. Western Canvas has 20 years of experience reproducing Tepees and thousands of satisfied customers. You can order an individual Tipi cover, Teepee liners or dew cloths, Tepee ground cloths, and lodge poles or Tipi poles. We also offer complete Teepee packages.◄
  29. Sample Rogue Tipi ROGUE DWELLINGS   This is an interesting group of Tipi Makers. They seem to be a very mobile group of people. They live in a modern world the life of an old world nomadic lifestyle.

    ►Welcome to the website of Rogue Dwellings, tent makers and space creators. We specialize in Tipis, in fact Tipis are our primary passion. We'd even probably go so far as to say that Tipis are the way forward, so much so that we are committed to living in them full-time. On the following pages there will be some brief information about the company and our intention. Please feel welcome to explore, catch a glimpse of a round world, a Tipi world. The workshop for Rogue Dwellings is centered around an industrial treadle-powered sewing machine and moves with us as we move with the seasons. We use one of our bedouin style tents to keep the weather off and for electricity we use a solar panel with a deep cycle battery and an inverter.◄
  30. Denver Tent Tipi DENVER TENT COMPANY   Looks like a well made product.

    ►Patterned on authentic Indian designs, we proudly offer The Colorado Cheyenne/Sioux Tipi. The Cheyenne and Sioux tribes lived in close proximity in Colorado and parts of the West and had much in common, including their Tipi designs. Our pattern incorporates the best of both Tipi styles. Historically accurate, our Tipis are still used today by the Utes, Navajos and Kiowas as ceremonial Tipis. The Cheyenne / Sioux is our most popular Tipi. We also offer another version of the classic Indian Tipi - the Arapahoe Tipi. The Arapahoe Tipi style incorporates a more vertical rear profile that was designed to counter the force of the high winds of the eastern Rocky Mountains and other windy areas. Please call for product availability and pricing. Denver Tent has been manufacturing the highest quality tent, custom fabric and outdoor products since 1890. Our vision is to be the premier tent and outdoor products resource in the industry by offering exceptional quality, trusted advisory and unparalleled customer service at competitive pricing for our customers that will create for them safe shelter and wonderful outdoor events and a lifetime of great memories. The key ingredient to our success and longevity is ultimately you, our customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us and give us your input and thoughts, so we can continue to improve our products and services for you. You can e-mail, call or visit our showroom and manufacturing facility here in Denver Colorado.◄
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